On August 19th 2016 the fourth edition of the Amsterdam Maker Festival took place. After earlier editions in the Kromhouthal and at the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam North, we now landed on the Marineterrein in the city centre of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Maker Festival was part of a new concept called Nerderlands. The main goal of the festival is to connect Makers with the public, with eachother, to inspire and to showcase how much fun and useful the art of Making is.


This year the team of Amsterdam Maker Festival guaranteed a weekend full of inspiration, whereby Makers, companies and organisations came to showcase their innovative knowledge and science.

The whole weekend was in the light of a window with a lot of  opportunities. The Amsterdam Maker Festival facilitated, together with our partners, a weekend in which the visitors experienced a lot of hearing, seeing, tasting, sensing and ofcourse Making.

The festival took place on August 19th through to 21st 2016 and was at a special place in the heart of Amsterdam; the Marineterrein. Marineterrein Amsterdam is undergoing changes. It is a historic location in the middle of the city that was inaccessible until recently. In the 17th century this was the place where the best Makers worked together to create the most advance warships. Nowadays this is the place where innovative Makers – with Makerversity as the lead – deliver an important part to the future of the terrain as wel as the whole city of Amsterdam.

The Marineterrein was divided in different themes: Tech, Crafts and Make it Yourselves. Next to that the visitors experienced a lot of entertainment and information. This was a 3-day event with alot of inspiration for all.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make each Amsterdam Maker Festival memorable for everyone.