Circular City


During the summer of 2016 Cityscapes Gallery organizes, in collaboration with Marineterrein Amsterdam, an ongoing art program, with exhibitions, installations, lectures and talks. Summer In The City #3: Circular City explores various subjects within the theme of circularity, like: durability – endlessness, shortage – surplus, growth – decline, utopia – dystopia. Works of art and architecture will appear in shifting combinations on different locations on the Marineterrein, aimed to inspire ideas and discussion about ‘the circular city’.

Opening, June 25

The manifestation started on June 25 with a large group exhibition in the monumental Building 027E. How do artists, architects, designers reflect on the ‘circular city’ of the 21h century?

Participants: Aldo van den Broek, Arne Hendriks&Mike Thompson, Atelier Remi&Veenhuizen, Building with Seawater, Charlotte Koenen, Edwin Zwakman, Eva Crebolder, FARO&Tiny Tim, Frank Havermans, Lard Buurman, Marjan Teeuwen, Martin uit den Boogaard, MVRDV, Paul Toornend&Jelle Post, NL Architects, SeARCH, Peter Zegveld, RAAAF, Sjoerd Buisman, Su Tomesen, Tilmann Meyer-Faje.

Opening Circulair City Salon

We continue the manifestation in August-September with an intimate group exhibition in the former Commandantswoning of the Marineterrein: The Circular City Salon.

Participants a.o:
Agniet Snoep, Alexa Meyerman, Atelier Remi&Veenhuizen, Charlie Koolhaas, Eva Crebolder, Daniel Mullen, DUS Architects, Franck Gribling, Jean Bernard Koeman, Jolan van der Wiel, Lard Buurman, Lucia Luptakova, Mirjam Hagoort, Peter Zegveld, RAAAF, Sandro Setola, Superuse Studio’s, Thomas Elshuis, Wiel Arets Architects.

CICircular City Talk #2: September 16: 5 – 8 pm
The manifestation will be concluded on September 16 with a second Marineterrein Talk with a new group of speakers who will discuss the meaning of art and circularity from a fresh angle, according with their particular disciplines.