Marineterrein * Kattenburgerstraat 5, Amsterdam

Thijs Meijer: “The Amsterdam Maker Festival where collaborations, innovations and makers are put centrally, perfectly fits with the challenge the Bureau Marineterrein has to give a meaningfull essence to the Marineterrein Amsterdam.”

Try Abel Taxi! Abel – a ride you want to share

Abel is the new & affordable taxi experience in Amsterdam. Abel makes traveling more fun, more social and more affordable by sharing your ride with others. This way nice encounters occur, that otherwise might not take place.

You can book a ride with our user-friendly app, where you book a seat, not a car.  Sharing the ride makes it possible to travel for lower costs since you also share the fare.

Abel is like an elevator: maybe someone’s already in the car, or gets in later. Sharing rides is cheaper, and it’s also more fun!