I am a freelance project manager. From summer schools to pop-up shops to events and excursions or educational travel, I love contacting people, organizing and making it work. I currently work in the events, educational travel and music industry, and facilitate an experiential course on intercultural communication and leadership for US college students in Amsterdam.

Custom projects include: management for talented Dutch musician Marten Fisher, assistent to Oerknal Productions to connect the custom built, one of a kind YAKFA Cinema to events and festivals, custom academic trips (specified to your budget and interests), including guest speakers, excursions and accomodation, tourmanager, stage manager, and much more.

Annabel is giving two lectures in the ‘Commandantwoning’

Workshop: ‘How to open a pop up store’. Sign up and more information here.
Workshop: ‘How to deal with copycats?’. Sign up and more information here.

Do you want to partner with me to facilitate a custom project for your organization? Contact me at annabel (at) annna (dot) nl.