The BALKONBAR is a wooden bar which can be attached to virtually any balcony. The do it yourself kit can be ordered in our webshop: With a handy instruction manual is to mount easily and securely bar in fifteen minutes. Customers can opt for a solitary BALKONBAR, useful to plants or refreshments on lost, but an entire balcony railing featuring multiple BALCONY BARS gives a warm atmosphere and a lovely extension of the living room into an attractive outdoor space.

As a Balkonbar can best be experienced with drinking a beer, the bartenders along with Lowlander Bear arranged a nice place at Amsterdam Maker Festival. You can then relax in the Balkonbar Lowlander with a good beer. Especially for the festival, there is a one-time action. If you place an order by emailing is a Balkonbar waiting for you down, you save 5, – delivery and the Bartenders put him even with much love for each other!