Bee Inc. has developed a beautiful crystal Bee Hotel for use on a balcony or in the garden. 

It is a home for the Wild Bee.

The Wild Bee is not, as some persons think, a feral honey bee. It is a collective name for bees which live alone, or Solitary Bees.

Their way of life is completely different from that of the honey bee. Every female Solitary Bee has a private nest cavity in which she lays her eggs.

The life cycle of the Solitary Bee lasts only a few months. In that period, every female looks for a suitable nesting place. When the nest cavity is approved, the female begins a number of foraging flights. Pollen is gathered and accumulated at the back of the nest cavity. When enough pollen has been gathered the female lays an egg on it. For this purpose a wall is then built of mud and saliva, so that a cell is created. Then it is all repeated until the cavity is filled with cells.

All this wonderful process happens in precisely the sort of cavities in the Bee Inc. Crystal.

The cavities project a little so that the rain cannot get in and the nesting cavities can stay dry.

The Bee Inc. Crystal is sawn from a fine piece of harvested Amsterdam city wood.

Our mix of seeds ensures the much needed pollen for the bees. 

Nice for use on your balcony, in the (front) garden, in the garden of your neighbours or in the park. Spread the seeds and up shoots a sea of flowers. Pleasing to the eye and nose, but more important: a vital food source for the Wild Bee.

If you help the Bee, the Bee will help you.