“We make our pickles according to a traditional family recipe, from father to son”

The love for pickles, does that really exist? For sure, at our place!
Our craft ‘pickling’ is a real tradition and we are very proud of it. At Kesbeke pickles are being treated with care. We do this with love since 1948, from father to son, with a small group of enthusiastic ‘sourpuss’.

Just take our pickles. They get a very special treatment. Our growers still pick them by hand, as this is a vulnerable product of nature. When they reach us we clean them, put them in a bath, dry them, pamper them with special spices and make sure that they get into the fresh jar with attention and care. Carefully, by hand, so that they stay in shape nicely. That’s when they get to rest, which is what gives them the real Kesbeke-taste. Coming to taste takes time. That’s when they are the best to get to your table. Our pickles have a beautiful but short life. As they are very popular. They fly out of the shops in a blink of an eye. Just like our other products: our renowned Amsterdam onions, our fine small pickled onions, the special sauces and piccalilli types: all of them taste delicious.
These are all nice to have as a snack or as part of a meal.