Our story, like many others, starts out rougly five years ago in the attic and was fueled by a healthy dose of good old human curiosity. This curiosity turned into a hobby and finally a passion. We’ll gladly tell you all about this secret  and possibly incriminating history when we meet you in person. Distilling high quality spirits is not something you learn overnight. We were not alone though, we had help. Luckily for us the artisanal world of distilling is very much open to newcomers.  We were invited to distilleries throughout the country and have visited many very experienced master distillers.
We make vodka from grain, Dinklewheat to be specific. The dinklewheat we use is a type of ancient wheat and is more commonly know as spelt. Spelt dates back to the agricultural exploits of the Egyptians. It’s actually closely related to the wheat we still use in our bread today. What makes spelt different though is the fact that it’s not as cultivated and optimized for it’s starch content. This means it yields alot more flavour during fermentation. At the Stillery we’re all about flavour, especially the sweet notes of almond and whitechocolat that arise from the spelt grain. This is what makes The Stillery’s First unique. 
Come and have a taste at the Amsterdam Makers Festival and we’ll tell you all about our products.